4,6,8 Hour Trips

4-hour bay/flats trip $450

6-hour bay/flats trip $575

8-hour bay/flats trip $700

***** As with any service industry, gratuities are not mandatory but are always appreciated for a job well done. Customary rates are between 10 and 25% of the total fee.

*** All rates are subject to change without notice.
*** All rates above are for
1 or 2 anglers.  A
3rd angler is sometimes possible if it’s a family trip with a child or young adult, but not recommended due to style of fishing (casting lures and flies), space and draft on the boat.

***$50 extra for a 3rd angler on a 4-hr trip
***$75 extra for a 3rd angler on a 6-hr trip

***$100 extra for a 3rd angler on an 8-hr trip


*** 2 anglers only on coastal gulf and tarpon trips


Captain Ray Markham


    Owner/Operator: Backwater Promotions